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Russell Means Reminded the World of the Real America

(Izvestia, Russia) The Moderate Voice Oct 28, 2012 by WILLIAM KERN (Worldmeets.US) The death this week of Native American activist Russell Means is a monumental loss to indigenous peoples around the world, and as this article... 

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Remembering Russell Means

By Tom Hayden 26 October, 2012 The Nation Russell Means, who died on Tuesday, kept a place here in Santa Monica in recent years, with his wife, Pearl. Once my wife Barbara and I took our son Liam for a visit to meet this man we... 

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My Brief Encounter With Russell Means

By Valarie Tom October 28, 2012 I was a reporter with an NBC news station in New Mexico in the winter of 2003. The morning newspaper I was reading reported that Russell Means was going to speak to students at Fort Lewis College... 

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Legacy School

Kathy Eldon Founder and President, Creative Visions Foundation Means to the End: A Lasting Vision From America’s Greatest Indian Activist (VIDEO) Posted: 10/26/2012 10:23 am I felt deeply honored when Russell Means and his wife,... 

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New Tractor

The school has gotten the good news that a foundation has given its support in the purchase of a new tractor with bucket for snow removal and gardening purposes. This needed addition helps our project move one step closer in achieving... 

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T.R.E.A.T.Y. School Update #8: Solar Build

Dear Friends, With the swiftness of the Northern Plains, a frost arrived last week and provided a swift end to the growing season for the garden. In the end, we were able to jar three dozen quarts of salsa & tomatos, along... 

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