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A Seismic Shift In Pre-3 Gaelic Language Learning

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The following from Taic/CNSA, Gaelic Language  Immersion Group.  The principals below are further evidence of the effectiveness of approach with Immersion Education, and reinforce its need on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.


A Seismic Shift In Pre-3 Gaelic Language Learning

A new and exciting development is slowly unfolding whereby Taic/CNSA

will be opening a number of unique Pre-3 Family Gaelic Centres all round Scotland over the coming years.

These new and cutting edge centres will offer parents, other adults, carers

stimulating opportunities whereupon they can acquire conversational Gaelic within a 2 year period. At the same time children under 3 years will also have all the assistance we can offer, in bringing them as well, to a Gaelic fluency before they reach 3 years of age. This result can be achieved without too much hassle in the highly conducive environment of a Pre-3 Family Gaelic Centre and irrespective of how much or how little Gaelic parents have.

What’s On Offer

Pre-3 Family Gaelic Centres working on a full time basis will provide the following in the most accessible and user-friendly way possible.

1) To bring pre-3 children to a Gaelic fluency before they reach the age of 3 years, thus they will have quite a substantial language command by the time they reach primary school level. In an ideal “best start” world and with parental commitment Gaelic would be their child’s first language.

2) To encourage parents, grandparents, other adults, carers etc. through courses, explanation and value to themselves and their children, of learning Gaelic and in the child’s case, as early as possible in their life.

3) To show this group of adults how best they can create and more importantly, maintain a Gaelic speaking home environment.

4) As was said earlier, in an ideal world Gaelic would be a child’s first language and if Gaelic is to meet intergeneration transmission criteria, so that it is around for all the coming generations, this first objective is almost an imperative.

5) Pre-3 Family Gaelic Centres will have a remit of being open all day and for 5 days a week. Although this time span offers a service that occupies a large part of the week, its underlining objective is to help through many strategies, embed the Gaelic language in the home and within the family unit.

In order to make the Pre-3 Family Gaelic Centre objective come alive we need the help of learners and Gaelic speaking couples, those considering parenthood, expectant parents, parents with children up to 3 years, guardians, grandparents, other adults, carers etc.

So if you want to make a real and lasting difference to the future of Gaelic, please get in touch with Taic/CNSA either on (…01542- 836322 or

(…0141-226-5222 or email to find out more about these centres; where they are to be based and when. One can even just phone etc. to discuss any thoughts one may have on the objectives outlined here.

For further information regarding the above press release please contact:

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